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 PvP-RPG Server Objectives-Updates-Visions

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PostSubject: PvP-RPG Server Objectives-Updates-Visions   Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:02 am

This server running on L2J {Java} system.

This server is the best way to learn the interlude skills functions and more else..

it contains: Gmshops - GreekLegends Special GK - Fun Events and many more.

The GreekLegends RPG its dont use the java statistics system completely.
The GreekLegends PvP its using the L2J system.
These two servers corporate between them for all players requirements.

The GreekLegends Team Focus on GreekLegends RPG because have rates hardest
and more possibilities and working Functions.

GreekLegends RPG running with official updates. {many times in same time with official}
GreekLegends PvP running with official updates & alone. {with or without updates}
<<But is the better for you to have the official updates>>

Soon many new npc added on RPG-PvP For npc - monsters - weapons - and i hope finally added the last new class the Kamael from Chaotic Throne I. {I hope to complete this soon}

All this from GmKazensun.
Thanks All.
Have a Fun Game.

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PvP-RPG Server Objectives-Updates-Visions
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